New Music: Howe – Green Enough

Howe is a Sacramento, USA-based alternative pop artist who I’ve had the pleasure of sharing once before on the blog. Last summer, I was quite taken with her track Made For This Time because of its thoughtful lyrics and bright feel. So, I was excited to see she had a new track out it. It’s called Green Enough.

By Graeme Smith

Green Enough is an unpacking of the maxim “the grass is always greener on the other side” and explores the idea of being with someone who has a wandering eye. As such, it’s suitably melancholic, full of the feelings of frustration, resignation and heartbreak.

The entire track was put together by Howe, from the music, to the vocals, to the recording and production. As such, it has a sense of the personal and the intimate about it. It’s definitely one that will have you folding your arms and glowering along.

You can check out Green Enough below.

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