New Music: Ink Sticks & Stones – Catharsis

Ink Sticks & Stones, real name Ai Rei Dooh-Tousignant, is a Toronto, Canada-based neoclassical composer who I first discovered for the blog through her beautifully put-together EP Vaste. In her latest piece, she turns tragedy into gold, writing it during a time when she was recovering from a brain injury. It’s called Catharsis.

By Graeme Smith

The piece opens with long, disorientating bass notes, creating a sense of things being not quite right. Yet, it quickly hits a melody that feels hopeful. Piano joins in and melancholy mixes with a sense of release. Catharsis is a piece that moves you, while keeping you hanging onto every note to see where its story goes.

It’s another beautiful work from Ai Rei who never disappoints with her unique approach to neoclassical music. You can listen to Catharsis below.