EP Review: Driving South – Dog Trap Road

Driving South are a Sydney three piece band playing guitar driven songs in the rock vein. They describe their music as being simple, but I think that doesn’t give the band enough credit. Dog Trap Road is a new EP the band released at the end of March 2022, showing just how worthwhile their music is.

By Jane Howkins

The title track, Dog Trap Road, is the first song on this five track EP. It opens with a killer guitar riff, designed to suck the listener in straight away. The song has a driving rhythm, partly due to how prominent the bass is. The guitar licks take pride of place here, having an almost eerie folk rock quality to them.

Hearts And Hands has a slightly more positive feel to it, again having some interesting guitar melodies. The track changes things up a bit by introducing some female vocals, although the male vocals occasionally appear. My only issue was that the vocals across the EP seem a little muffled, but this actually works somewhat with the garage rock and roll style they’re trying to convey.

Back To You keeps the tempo upbeat, having more of a bluesy style to it. The riffs are really groovy and the vocals are a little more prominent here – the backing vocals also add a certain style to proceedings. The vocals take a larger role on the bridge, when the rest of the instrumentation disappears for a moment, before the killer riffs kick back in again.

Riding Home has a slightly slower rhythm to it, with a menacing bass line playing underneath the vocals and the little guitar motifs, giving it an almost spaghetti western vibe. The little guitar melodies in the background add to this atmosphere, making it sound positively eerie at times.

Two is the final song on Dog Trap Road, being perhaps the fastest song here. The percussion is really upbeat, with some nice little guitar melodies occurring in the background, allowing the vocals to have more room to breath.

Driving South have a knack for writing interesting riffs – I really enjoyed their sound. My only comment would be that the vocals are a little quiet, but the music is still fantastic and an underground band like this should be encouraged, especially with how atmospheric their music is at times.

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