EP Review: Leonardo Barilaro – Genesis

I’ve recently discovered composer and musician Leonardo Barilaro’s music and I wanted to share a little more of it with the world. He writes music within both the classical and jazz arenas and is a fabulous musician, so his latest EP, Genesis, is well worth checking out for those into those genres.

By Jane Howkins

Half Orbit Around The Destination Planet And Landing is the title of the first track on Genesis. It’s only 24 seconds long, but the title really describes what’s going on in the song, making this a bit of a concept EP. It’s rather ambient, featuring just a couple of piano notes, with some backing effects that really help to re-create the lonely atmosphere of space.

Exploring The Dry Valley also features lots of interesting backing effects, with some swirling synths mixing well with the continued piano melody. It sounds achingly beautiful at times and is very haunting, despite the short nature of the piece. Leonardo certainly has a penchant for atmosphere.

500 Years Back In The Future sounds very cinematic, with an epic string section being added, alongside the electronic effects. I think I even heard a harp being played in there, adding another surprising element to the music. Again, it sounds really beautiful, but has a more positive vibe than the previous two tracks, also being the longest number on this EP. The song really comes into its own with the flowing piano melodies and synths that appear towards the end.

Travelling Home Without Me changes things up completely, being more of a prog rock/metal song. It starts out with a fantastic guitar melody, full of solos. The percussion and rhythm section add an epic backbone, before the music suddenly stops. It’s short, but oh so sweet.

I am incredibly impressed with Leonardo’s work on Genesis. He has a great imagination and the way he is able to work with the concept of space within his music is truly amazing, particularly with all the different musical styles and genres he includes. His music won’t be for everyone, but I implore you to give this a chance.

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