New Music: Fran Lusty – Kiss Me Sober

Fran Lusty is a London-based acoustic folk singer songwriter who I first discovered for the blog at the end of last year through her dreamy and vulnerable track I’m Blue. Now she’s back with a new one, exploring how alcohol can sometimes bring out the saddening truth. It’s called Kiss Me Sober.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by @allie.barbs

The track opens with long, mournful and distorted notes before a gentle and melancholic guitar melody floats in. Fran’s vocals are particularly emotive in this one, telling a story that’s rich with heart-breaking detail. As the track progresses, the tension and drama in the instrumentals grow, reaching an explosive climax. It’s really powerful stuff that does so much with so little.

Kiss Me Sober is another beautiful track from a UK artist who really needs more attention than she’s currently getting. You can give the track a listen below.

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