New Music: James The Seventh – Future Memories

James The Seventh is a Philadelphia, USA-based rock-pop singer songwriter who I first discovered for this blog in February through her infectious track The Moon. Now she’s back with a new one exploring the struggles of her younger days. It’s called Future Memories.

By Graeme Smith

The track opens with a piano melody that invokes both nostalgia and unease, appropriately though given the song’s subject matter. As a young woman, training to be a ballet dancer, James The Seventh suffered from an eating disorder, and it’s this phase of her life that Future Memories draws from. A dreamy and floating chorus gives a sense of hope, articulating the idea that, no matter how bad things are now, they won’t be like this forever.

Future Memories is another beautiful and unique track from an artist that is quickly making her mark in the world of music. You can check out the single below.