Monthly Favourites #4

Since the start of the year, I’ve been writing a new monthly feature, based around the best tracks I’ve heard that month. It’s time to share my favourite songs from April, mostly from underground artists. The tracks on this list are from a wide variety of different genres and styles, so there should be something for everyone here.

Review by Jane Howkins

Picture by Bernadett

Bernadett – Redemption

Bernadett is a Hungarian musician born into a musical family, and you can certainly hear her background in her music, due to how good it is! Redemption is a fusion piece, combining electronic music together with elements of the classical genre. Her violin playing is stunning and sounds really beautiful, with the up-tempo percussive beat raising the tension over the course of the song, also providing a strong backbone to the music.

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Amir Haider – Lovin’ You

Lovin’ You is a folk ditty from Amir Haider, combining together Eastern & Western influences into one amazing tune. It’s largely a guitar based song, but it opens up with what sounds like a sitar, making for a unique addition to the folk genre. Amir has a lovely vocal style which really works well with the style of track, so those into their folk music should check this out!

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Render Ghosts – Keeping My Number

Keeping My Number has more of a mainstream pop sound to it, also including elements of electronica. I felt the track had an 80s sound to it, with the little synths and electronic motifs adding a lot of texture to the music. The vocals that Render Ghosts provide have a lot of vocal effects, but it works really well in this case, adding a diverse sound to this catchy tune.

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Leonardo Barilaro – Bitanem

Leonardo Barilaro is an artist I’ve featured a few times recently, with every song sounding better and better. Bitanem is no different – it’s another amazing piece of classical music, starting out with a haunting piano melody. The piano has a lovely flowing sound to it, showing just how skilled Leonardo truly is. It’s very technical, but the piece never loses its beauty, despite this.

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Chucky Trading Co – Tonight We Will Live Forever

Chucky Trading Co are another band that we’ve featured before, so I was very pleased to be able to check out their latest release, Tonight We Will Love Forever. This is actually the live version of the song, showing how great the band are when performing. It’s a slow, acoustic folk number that features some gorgeous guitar melodies, alongside some amazing strings and vocal harmonies.

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The Collection – Won’t Stop Yet

Won’t Stop Yet is one of the catchiest songs I’ve heard in a long time, having an addictive nature to it. The track starts with an intriguing beat performed by a double bass, with the strings continuing throughout the song. It’s an interesting choice for what is largely a pop song, making The Collection’s music truly stand out from the crowd. Brass elements are also added on the chorus, adding another angle to this amazing track.

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Moon And Aries – SNEAK PREVIEW

Moon And Aries are a creative duo with elements of classical, pop and electronica present within their music. SNEAK PREVIEW opens with a swirling violin melody that sounds stunning, continuing through the rest of the piece. Over time, quiet percussive beats are added, with the ethereal vocals mixing well with the rest of the music to create an otherworldly feel. It’s very different from anything else on this list!

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Brendon Moon – Fear

Fear starts out with a discordant, fuzzy guitar melody that perfectly creates an eerie sense of atmosphere in Brendon Moon’s latest release. The bass throbs underneath the music, with little guitar melodies branching off from the main piece. The vocals are used to great effect on the track, suiting the nature of the song well. The chorus lifts things a little, before the darker verses continue.

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Micah Thunder – Mama’s House

Micah Thunder is an independent artist who aims to provide music to empower spiritual journeys, although his music can still be listened to if you’re not on a spiritual pathway. Mama’s House is a pop rock song with a beautiful sound to it – Micah’s vocals have a soulful quality to them, especially on the uplifting chorus. It’s quite a slow track at times, but this only serves to make it sound more gorgeous overall.

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The Graes – Deep

The Graes are a pop folk duo, consisting of CJ & Cassie Grae. They’re actually a married couple, weaving together wonderful folk melodies with a fantastic sense of storytelling that sounds haunting throughout. Deep shows off their songwriting skills wonderfully, with the dynamic changes and vocals making this a must listen.

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Hanwell – Avalanche

Avalanche has an old school vibe to it, containing elements of soul, r&b, Motown, rock & pop. The little guitar melodies that open the song up help to capture this mood perfectly, with Hanwell’s vocals and vocal harmonies sounding incredibly soulful, especially on the chorus. There’s a lot more going on here than first meets the ear, so you’ll have to listen to it several times over!

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Reach Divine – Come Out My Firefly

Reach Divine is one of the more diverse acts on this list, with latest offering, Come Out My Firefly, starting out sounding very ambient, with some wonderful synth melodies providing the main instrumentation for the piece, alongside the soft vocal style. The music soon explodes in an explosion of sound, bringing the tempo up as the synths increase in speed, turning the track into more of an electronic dance number.

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Jineo – Find My Way

Rounding this list off with an optimistic beat is Find My Way by Jineo, an upbeat pop number that will get you up and dancing in no time. The vocal effects help to harmonise the vocals, with some lovely 80s style synth motifs appearing on the chorus. The track is really catchy, perfect for those into their pop music.

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