For Ukraine: Ryuichi Sakamoto and Illia Bondarenko

Ryuichi Sakamoto is a Japanese neoclassical composer who has teamed up with Ukrainian violinist Illia Bondarenko for his latest piece, Piece for Illia. Illia has made headlines by playing his violin in a bomb shelter while under bombardment from Russia and his collaborated with Ryuichi is, suitably, a lament.

By Graeme Smith

The track combines Illia’s sorrowful violin playing with warm electronic and piano notes. Hidden among the sad melody are moments of hope and you come away with the impression that war is a terrible thing, but it cannot last forever, and there is always hope for peace one day.

The piece is taken from For Ukraine (Volume 2), a collection curated by composer Hollie Kenniff, to be released to help raise funds to support displaced children and families affected by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

You can listen to Piece for Illia below.