Album Review: Charlie Freeman – LOVE

Charlie Freeman is a singer-songwriter and actor who released a new album, LOVE, at the start of March this year. He’s clearly very talented in all his endeavours, prompting me to check out his music and share it with the world.

By Jane Howkins

There are eleven tracks on the album, with Freedom being the first one up. It opens with an optimistic acoustic guitar melody, with the first thing I noticed being how great the production quality sounds. The track has a Britpop quality to it, also featuring some amazing backing vocals that act almost like a choir, making for a great opener.

London Nights is a little more upbeat, with a faster rhythm that’s accompanied by some furious beats on the drum kit. The little guitar motifs opening the song up sound heavenly, especially as they segue into the verses and Charlie’s captivating vocal style.

Maybe It’s Me starts on an equally upbeat note, before quickly descending into a more melancholic vibe. It’s got quite a dark feel to it, but it really helps to give the music some character. The little piano melodies on the chorus meld well with the vocals.

Get Me Started has a really funky vibe to it – the bassline is very clear underneath the rest of the music, making it all sound very stylish. It’s a mellower track, with Charlie’s vocals oozing a sense of cool throughout.

As the title suggests, Let There Be Love is another upbeat song, seeing Charlie repeating the title of the track over and over again on the chorus, accompanied by some fantastic backing vocals. This is the sort of song that would sound great at a festival gig.

Superman is slightly more slowed down than most of the other tracks on LOVE, featuring little guitar melodies on the verses that work well with the dark tones of the music. You can really feel the emotion in Charlie’s vocals as he croons his way through the song.

Walk Away brings the tempo back up again, with a catchy and clean sounding electric guitar melody providing something to tap your toes along to. The chorus is even poppier, with an amazing vocal line that sounds perfect for singing along to.

Holding On has a lovely feel to it – whilst it’s upbeat in nature, the lyrics tell a different story. The track is largely a rock song, but it has what sounds like a harmonica playing underneath the rest of the instrumentation, making it sound very unique.

Hey Sister is another rock song with a bit of a classic rock twist to it – the vocal lines on the chorus are superb, as are the little guitar lines in the verse intros, giving the music a classic indie sound due to the jangly guitars.

Sorry starts out with an epic drum beat, once again showing how great the production quality is. It’s a lot slower than most of the previous songs, mixing well with the lyrical content. Those into their rock ballads should check this track out.

Falling Down is another ballad, sounding absolutely beautiful throughout. The strings that appear later on are a lovely surprise, as are the female vocals that sing the second verse. It’s a great closing track for LOVE.

Charlie Freeman is a fantastic artist and one with a broad range of talents. Make sure you check LOVE out below!

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