New Music: Jodi Heights – The Storm

Jodi Heights is a Boston, USA-based alternative pop singer songwriter who never fails to impress me with her use of imagery and powerful messages in her music. Her latest is no exception. It’s called The Storm.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by David Cahill

The Storm picks up where her last single, The Iceberg, left off. An exploration of the issues of the modern world, while The Iceberg took on the subject of climate change, The Storm explores the pandemic, and the sense of collective crisis it brought about.

It opens suitably melancholic, with Jodi’s expressive vocals centre stage. As the track progresses, a sense of hope creeps in. Sweeping strings and soaring vocals shake away the fear and point to a brighter future.

The track is taken from Jodi’s forthcoming three part EP Triptych. You can check out The Storm below.

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