Album Review: Harri Mason – Shadows

Harri Mason is an independent artist from Bristol who has been writing and performing music from a very young age. Shadows is the culmination of all her hard work, with the album truly showing off how talented she really is!

By Jane Howkins

Welcome To My World opens the album up nicely, showing Harri’s folky style off to the world. The song includes a pretty acoustic guitar melody with her vocals accompanying in style – the chorus is truly beautiful, with a lovely key change mixing things up a little.

Moonlight has a slightly more upbeat feel, although it’s still definitively within the folk genre. The strings that appear on the chorus are stunning, giving a haunting beauty to the music.

I Dream About This Place sounds quite eerie at times – the flowing guitar style helps to set an atmosphere, whilst also allowing Harri’s vocals to truly shine through. The backing vocals on the chorus add to this ambience, with what sounds like a cello melody appearing to follow the vocal lines.

Water brings the tempo down a little further, with Harri’s guitar melody conjuring up ethereal images in the mind. It’s got more of a minimalist vibe to it, appealing to those more into their traditional folk music.

Self Love opens in a slightly different manner, instead featuring a slow piano melody, alongside Harri’s wonderful vocal harmonies. The guitars do appear later on, but it’s the piano that’s the real star of the show here, as well as the vocal lines.

Headlights features several fingerpicked acoustic guitar melodies which flow in lovely style underneath the ethereal lyrical content. It truly is haunting throughout, being one of my favourite songs on the entire album.

Doubts brings the eerie vibes back to the music, having a mysterious, searching quality to it, in part due to the amazing lyrics. The strings once again appear but are kept minimal, with the song also featuring more percussion, helping to ramp the tension up over the course of the song.

Ordinary People starts off surprisingly with some birdsong, which really helps to set the tone for the track. It’s got quite a positive vibe to it, with more of a major chord and note sequence occurring, changing things up a little.

Finish Line sees Harri’s vocal range being utilised to its full degree. It’s one of the more upbeat tracks on the EP, with a soaring string section accompanying the rest of the song nicely.

A Thousand Times brings the tempo down once again, opening with a slow acoustic guitar motif. This allows Harri’s vocals to really shine through, being the most important part of this track. Her voice sounds extremely beautiful here, soaring in style over the music.

Rise brings back the haunting quality of some of the previous tracks, closing the album out in style. The chorus has an anthemic quality to it, with the vocals making you want to sing along in style.

Shadows is a fantastic album and one that shows off just how talented Harri Mason is. I predict big things for her in the future and will certainly be checking out more of her music when it’s released!

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