New Music: Lupe Fiasco – AUTOBOTO

Lupe Fiasco is a GRAMMY-award winning artist who first hit my radar back in the Summer of 2020 through his powerful ode to Ahmaud Arbery, Shoes. Now he’s back on the blog with a new track, speaking of strength in numbers. It’s called AUTOBOTO.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Jessica Hatter Weaver

Lupe has a way with words that sets him apart from other hip hop artists and his rhymes hold a powerful and undeniable message. Combined with a hook that will lodge itself in your brain, he makes music that you can’t ignore. Such is the way with AUTOBOTO.

The track is taken from his forthcoming album Drill Music In Zion, a collection of tracks that explore the dark and light sides of his native Chicago. The album is due out on 24 June and you can check out the lyric video for AUTOBOTO below.