Discovery: Lou Emery

Lou Emery is a Los Angeles, USA-based pop singer songwriter who has caught my attention through her catchy new single. It’s called Instinctual.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Emmanuel Akinnitire

There’s a confessional feel to Instinctual, an admission that despite the complexity of human thought, emotion and morals, we are animals, slave to our instincts. Lou describes a regretful encounter, delivered over a groovy bass beat. The track hits its full stride during its first chorus though. Lou shows off the full power of her vocals and melody is at its catchiest.

Lou is inspired by contemporary pop artists like Harry Styles, Olivia Rodrigo and Dua Lipa. Fans of those artists will find a lot to love about Instinctual. You can check out the track below.

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