Video: Primes – Paper In The Rain

Hailing from Falkirk, Scotland, Primes are an indie rock four piece who has caught my attention through their groovy new track and video. It’s called Paper In The Rain.

By Graeme Smith

What catches your attention first about Paper In The Rain is its prominent and funky bass line. Primes makes rock music that doesn’t shy away from pop sensibilities. As a result, their music is highly accessible while not losing its depth. Paper In The Rain speaks of human fragility and its story is delivered through powerfully emotive vocals, complete with harmonies in the chorus.

Though Primes have only this year arrived at their current line up, they were originally formed 2017. In the last five years they’ve received coverage in national press, and reached number 24 in the iTunes rock chat with their single Talk Too Much.

You can watch the video for Paper In The Rain below.

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