Video: Will Wood – You Liked This (Okay, Computer!)

Will Wood is an American singer songwriter who I discovered for the blog a couple of weeks ago through his inventive track Cicada Days. Now he’s back with a new one song and video which further push the boundaries of experimentation while staying utterly relatable. It’s called You Liked This (Okay, Computer!).

By Graeme Smith

The internet can be both a force for good and evil, but it’s its dark side that Will focuses on with You Liked This. A disembodied automaton delivers phrases we’ve also become wearily familiar with, against a unsettling instrumental backdrop that combines mournful piano and electronica. The vocals come from TikToker Bev Standing whose voice was used by Tik Tok without her knowledge, giving the whole message a very solid grounding.

With echoes of Radiohead, You Liked This feels like a modern reinterpretation of their rallies against conformity. You can watch the video for it below.