Discovery: Daulton Hopkins

Daulton Hopkins is an acoustic singer songwriter from Phoenix, USA who has teamed up with fellow singer Victoria Bigelow for their new duet Mona Lisa.

By Graeme Smith

Mona Lisa is a warm and inviting song with a tinge of sadness. Daulton’s lyrics are beautifully observed and full of poetry. Mona Lisa is a love story, but one grounded in a sense of realness. That is until it hits its dreamy chorus, which will have you drifting into a world of fantasy. It’s a thoughtful composition, exploring the relationship between idoliser and idolised.

Daulton didn’t know Victoria before collaborating on this track. He discovered her through Spotify, loved her voice and took a shot at getting her to sing with him. She said yes and we’re all richer for it. Mona Lisa could go down as an instant classic. You can give it a listen below.

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