Album Review: De Antiquis Et Novis – Afterglow

De Antiquis et Novis, real name Matthias Schorer, is a Munich, Germany-based electronic artist who I first discovered earlier this year through his delightfully lush track Afterglow. The track opens his album of the same name and when I saw it had been released, I knew I had to give it a listen. Here’s my track by track review.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Adobe / Glebstock

In many ways, Afterglow is the perfect way to open the album. As accessible as it is genre-defying, it sets a strong tone and atmosphere for what is to come. Electronic instrumentals merge with organic vocalisations in a way I came to love all over again.

It’s followed by What Do You Do? The sound expands into dream pop territory while remaining chilled. It opens with an expansive sense of etherealness while the melody slowly takes shape. Matthias has put this whole album together with one goal – to bring a sense of calm – and What Do You Do? certainly provides that, though I do sense something of a challenging undertone to it.

Calm on the other hand is a little less ambiguous. “I don’t want to run from another day” the vocals declare with resolve. Calm is another one of Matthias’s tracks that I’ve shared before and it’s well-placed here as an early album highlight.

Deep Blue Ocean is, unsurprisingly, a song with depth and feeling of weightlessness. Then, the chillout version of Hang on to Your Dreams rounds of the first half of the album with a bright, uncompromising groove. Inspired by rock, it is perhaps Matthias’s sound at its liveliest.

In the album’s second half, Matthias pushes boundaries further without losing sight of his mission. The songs on Afterglow are unmistakably calming. I’m writing this review at the end of a busy day and the stresses have already melted away.

Bruises rounds off the album in terms of original songs, with the remainder dedicated to alternative versions of Deep Blue Ocean, Calm, Bruises and What Do You Do? It’s another album highlight and a reminder that calmness doesn’t mean losing touch with the pain of the world, only accepting it for what it is. It’s authentic emotion and moody composition makes it another album highlight.

If you’re looking for some chill today, look no further than Afterglow. It’s a wonderful collection of ambient electronica that isn’t afraid to take on the light and the dark of life. I feel as if De Antiquis Et Novis is an act to whom I will be returning frequently. I hope his music has a similar effect on you. You can listen to the whole of Afterglow below.