EP Review: Elektric Animals – Channels EP

Elektric Animals are a band that we’ve featured a few times now, and I’ve loved every song they’ve released so far! I was very excited to be able to hear their new EP, Channels EP – if you’ve been following the band, then make sure you check it out!

By Jane Howkins

Come Clean opens the EP up in a funky fashion, featuring a prominent bassline and some epic guitar melodies that sound groovy as all hell! This song will make you want to get up and dancing straight away, with the chorus having that classic singalong sound to it that I’ve come to know and expect from Elektric Animals.

Head In The Ground is a little mellower, having an 80s feel to it, due to the synths that kick the track off. The staccato ska-style guitar melody that runs through most of the music helps to give the track a haunting atmosphere, with the steady beat keeping the song upright for the most part.

Falling brings the buzzsaw guitars back to the forefront of the music, with the production quality sounding truly epic. The energy never lets up over the course of the song, with another anthemic chorus bringing the crescendo the verses promote to some lofty heights! This track would make a great single.

Reckless changes things up once again, bringing the synths back, although it still keeps that classic indie rock sound that Elektric Animals have. One of the things I loved so much about this song is how prominent the bass is – the guitars are still at the forefront of the track, but the bass provides a real backbone here.

Woe Is Me opens up with another killer guitar line, with the synths dancing nicely in the background. The guitars work well with the rhythm of the song, delivering a huge burst of frenetic energy that sounds urgent throughout. Just try and listen to that chorus without wanting to sing along!

Elektric Animals are an amazing band and one that I can’t stop listening to. If they’ve somehow slipped through your fingers, then make sure you check the EP out below!

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