EP Review: Green Suburban – II

Green Suburban is a musical project created by Swedish artist Isak Skoglund, having recently released a new 4 track EP, titled II. It’s a slow, folky project with a haunting sound to it, with a 60s pop influence also present.

By Jane Howkins

The music on II sounds beautiful from the start, with Rain Down introducing the listener to Isak’s world instantly. The song is characterised by a haunting electric guitar melody, with this chord sequence continuing on throughout the track. My favourite moment was the chorus, in which everything slows down, with the vocals sounding even more gorgeous.

The curiously titled 23:59 is up next, again starting with a folky guitar melody that wouldn’t be misplaced in a 60s folk-rock song. The piano is introduced here, as well as several other guitar melodies, all playing along together. This song has more of a stripped-down vibe to it, showing Isak’s vocals off to the world.

A Stranger’s Song opens with an old school melody created from a series of synths, intertwining together before the folky acoustic guitar kicks in once again. The track has a slightly faster rhythm to it, although it’s still fairly down-tempo as a whole. Isak truly has a penchant for creating catchy yet haunting melodies.

You (Sing/song låten) has more of a positive vibe to it, although it’s still firmly within the folk mould. The harmonica is a lovely addition to this piece, adding an Americana quality to the music, harking back to the days of classic 60s/70s folk music. It’s a good song to round the EP out.

Isak is doing something truly different on II with his project, Green Suburban. It’s great to hear something so unique in this day and age and I can’t wait to hear what he comes up with next time around.

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