Video: Nobody’s Wolf Child – Green Fires

Nobody’s Wolf Child is an alternative folk artist whose music we’ve been following since the beginning of the year. Bringing a unique perspective and dramatic flair to her sound, she never fails to impress. Her latest, the start of a new trilogy of tracks, is called Green Fires.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by Mike Evans

Green Fires hits you instantly with its mix of acoustic and electronic instrumentals. There’s an expansive feel to it, while remaining anchored to naturalness. The lyrics are poetic as I’ve come to expect, while the vocals are strong and expressive, laid bare during quiet moments in the arrangement.

It’s another wonderful outing from an artist who is quickly building a following and a reputation for storytelling. I’m excited to hear the next two parts of the trilogy. I hope you will be too. You can check out the video for Green Fires below.

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