EP Review: Daniel Sherman – Chronicles Of A Calloused Heart, Part 2

Livermore-based singer-songwriter, rapper and musician Daniel Sherman is an artist with a difference, including a wide variety of genres and styles within his music. There’s something very authentic about the songs he crafts, and you can tell that Daniel is a true music connoisseur himself from the tracks contained on his latest EP, Chronicles Of A Calloused Heart, Part 2.

By Jane Howkins

The songs on Chronicles Of A Calloused Heart, Part 2 see Daniel delving more into the indie-folk genre, although there are also moments of pop and normal indie present on these four tracks.

Come As I Am opens with Daniel’s lush vocals, combined with a fingerpicked acoustic guitar melody and some lovely piano chords. The song picks up the pace a little towards the end, bursting into a gorgeous crescendo of sounds, with the strings building up nicely. The lyrics are also fantastic, really showing Daniel’s heart off to the world.

Terrified is another song that starts out as a slow burn, before the tempo increases slightly after the minute mark, featuring a trickling piano melody that sounds utterly stunning. The vocal harmonies are beautiful, being the stand out of this track to me.

I Was Wrong has a soulful quality to it, sounding rather melancholy at times. There’s another build up here, with more and more instruments and strings being added as the track continues, giving the music a dark atmosphere. Towards the end, Daniel chants the title of the track over and over again, emphasising the lyrics well.

God has a much more positive and upbeat vibe to it, despite the sad lyrical content, also being my favourite song on this EP. The main guitar line has a very memorable quality to it, with the addition of the strings and piano making it sound really haunting. If you only check one song out from this EP, then make sure it’s this one!

Chronicles Of A Calloused Heart, Part 2 is an epic EP, full of beauty and splendour, showing Daniel Sherman could be one of the nu-folk greats in the near future!

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