EP Review: Gloomy June – Popsick

Gloomy June are a San Francisco, USA-based indie rock act who we’ve been covering on this blog for the past few months. In March, Jane discovered a bit more about them through an interview, and last month I shared their track This Party Is a Warzone. Now they’re back with their debut EP. It’s called Popsick.

By Graeme Smith

The EP opens with Save Anyone, a vibrant, urgent piece of emo pop complete with echoing guitar and expressive vocals. A jumping verse leads up to an anthemic chorus, complete with shout-alongs. It’s a bright and powerful way to kick things off and an early highlight.

Before the start of the year, Gloomy June didn’t exist. The band formed from the ashes of The Y Axes, and the rebirth was driven by a desire to better formulate their sound and to take their music careers more seriously. This EP puts them well on the way to achieving that. There is a coherence to it while still showcasing a range.

Track two Always Gonna Let You Down is a great case in point. It’s got a poppier edge than Save Anyone while still feeling like the same band. Think how Paramore made the move from punk to pop as their career progressed. Perhaps most importantly, both tracks are ones to which you want to return, and have melodies that stay with you.

The EP’s midpoint is the aforementioned This Party Is A Warzone. It sits nicely as the record’s anchor, bringing the pop of the opening together with the rock ballads of the last two tracks. It’s still the monster track that I remember. It’s a track that will get you moving!

Go Fast comes next. With a retro groove and layers of mixed emotion, it’s one that you can easily get lost in. A story of new romance is wonderfully painted through images that pay attention to the little things. A singalong bridge is a standout moment across the whole EP.

Rounding off the EP is Tinderbox Heart. Led by heavy percussion and big guitar riffs, it’s the record’s rockiest moment. Thematically, the lyrics are in keeping with Go Fast, full of heartache and catharsis.

Popsick is a really accomplished debut from a band who have found a really infectious sound. Emo kids like me will love it, but so will fans of modern pop like Olivia Rodrigo and The 1975. Not resting on their laurels, Gloomy June are hitting the road on tour this summer, and no doubt they’ve pick up a lot more fans on the way. This could be the start of something beautiful for them.

You can listen to the whole of Popsick below.