EP Review: HAGNÄS – Music

HAGNÄS is a project created by Finnish singer-songwriter and busker Laura Hoo, with Music being her debut EP, making it all sound very impressive! She aims to connect people through her music, and if this EP is anything to go by, her work is complete, as it’s just that good!

By Jane Howkins

8 AM shows Laura’s acoustic guitar playing off to the world, having a folky bent to it that draws from both traditional and modern elements. Her vocals have a sumptuous quality to them, aligning themselves perfectly with the gorgeous guitar lines. It’s quite a slow track, but the tempo just increases the beauty!

Hold On is even slower in style, but it’s got a haunting quality to it that is unmatched in much of today’s modern folk music. An eerie guitar melody runs underneath Laura’s ethereal vocals, which are full of emotion, only increasing as the song progresses on. This was one of my favourite tracks from the entire EP.

Älskling changes things up a little, seeing Laura singing in her native tongue. The track has a slightly more positive note to it, with higher pitched guitar lines appearing in a jazzy fashion. It’s quite experimental at times, but it really works, acting as a nice placeholder between the two sides of the EP.

Naked In Bed is a little more traditional sounding than the previous track, again having what sounds at first like quite a simplistic acoustic guitar melody, although there’s more going on here than it first seems. Laura’s vocal range is shown off well here, reaching some lofty heights at times.

Joskus has rather a long intro, showing off Laura’s guitar skills in fine style. Her vocals finally appear, but they sound a little distant at times, making the guitar the most prominent part of this song. Again, she sings in her native language, adding a mystical and ethereal vibe to proceedings.

The title track, Music, is the final song on this EP. The guitar melodies are stunningly beautiful, following a similar theme throughout the track. Laura’s vocals are raw and heartfelt here, and you can really feel the emotion contained within them. It’s a great closing song to a wonderful album. Anyone into their folk music should check this out!

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