EP Review: Ugly Mothers – The Garden Of Eden VOL. IV

Ugly Mothers are a hard hitting rock band from Tottenham Hale in the UK, who have a really unique sound to their music. It has a very prominent spaghetti western feel, as well as some rock and punk moments, making their latest EP, The Garden Of Eden VOL. IV sound amazing throughout!

By Jane Howkins

Garden Of Eden is the first song up, starting off with some cool guitar licks, before the song explodes in a sudden burst of energy. The menacing guitar lines work have a buzzsaw quality to them, mixing well with the stompy rhythm that harks back to those classic spaghetti western films. The vocals are reminiscent of the underground punk scene, barked out over the music at random intervals.

LYLT brings the tempo down a notch, although the tension remains high throughout the song. It’s got more of a slow groove to it, with different guitar lines turning tail from the music, working surprisingly well together. The track oozes cool from the start, whilst still retaining those divergent country-rock vibes.

Armistice is another slower track, featuring a classic rock style rhythm, in part due to the amazing percussion and the way the little guitar licks mix with it. The vocals spit pure emotion, adding a hidden edge to the music. It’s actually quite beautiful at times, although it still has an eerie quality to it.

Heir To A Billion Dollar Fortune is really impressive from a lyrical standpoint – the band seem to have quite a political edge to their music, and it’s nowhere near as clear than on this song. The vocals sound almost rapped at times, although they soar on the chorus, melding well with the haunting guitar lines.

Mothers Funeral is the final song on this EP, and it opens in a slightly different manner to the other songs presented here. An indie rock guitar riff starts the song off, with the guitars disappearing on the chorus as the vocals appear. A ska-style melody appears to collide in time with the bass and percussion, showing Ugly Mothers as a band capable of writing for many different styles and genres.

Ugly Mothers are an amazing band and one I will definitely listening to more of in the future! Garden Of Eden Vol. IV is so distinctive in this modern era of bland, mainstream pop, and this band really deserves more recognition!

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