Discovery: Sammy Copley

Sammy Copley is a Dublin, Ireland-based singer songwriter who has caught my attention through his arresting new single Little Box. The track, a follow up to his underground hit To The Bone, takes on the subject of changing yourself to suit someone else.

By Graeme Smith

Sammy really brings his story to life in Little Box. The attention to detail is sublime – relatable yet surprising. Its opening verse sets the scene for a soaring chorus, where Sammy pours of the emotion against a backdrop of minimal yet textured instrumentals. Little Box was produced by Nathan Cox who has worked with the likes of Declan McKenna and Orla Gartland. It’s been released via Tinpot Records.

Sammy has been building up a following online since the age of fourteen, delighting fans with his emotive songs and his experiences of being queer. It’s easy to see why there’s such a buzz around him. You can check out Little Box below.