EP Review: Mars Valencia – Forgive Me

Mars Valencia is an artist we’ve featured before – we did a review of his song Nomads a few months ago, so when I found out he had a new EP being released, I had to review it! Forgive Me is the title of the EP, showing off his trap stylings perfectly.

By Jane Howkins

There are 6 songs on Forgive Me, with Heartless opening the EP up nicely. It’s got quite an eerie atmosphere to it, in part due to the little melodies in the background of the track, making it all sound very atmospheric. The beat suits the trap genre well, but the backing melodies are almost a little jazzy at times. Mars’ vocals have a soulful smoothness to them, combining singing and rapping together in style.

Nomads is up next – this is the song that immediately drew me to Mars’ music, and it still sounds like a banger, all these months later! The track really shows Mars’ vocals off – I like the way in which he sings, as a lot of trap songs just tend to feature rapping, so this makes the music sound really distinctive. The backing synths blend well with the vocals on this ambient song.

Praying For My Ex follows the same musical direction as the previous two songs, featuring a minimalist trap-style beat and some eerie backing notes, alongside the haunting vocals. Little percussion flourishes appear every so often, adding extra character to the music. The song breaks down halfway through, with some recorded spoken vocals being added, before it all kicks back in again.

Mars’ lyrics have an immense sense of poetry behind them at times, as can be heard in the track Lost Cause. This was one of my favourite songs on the EP – in part due to the lyrical content and the smooth vocals, but also due to the little piano melody in the background, which sounds very atmospheric when mixed with the percussion and the backing vocals.

Assumptions features layers of synths and samples in the background, adding a great deal of texture to the music. It sounds simplistic at first, but it really helps to create a mood, and the production quality sounds perfect, as it does for the rest of the songs here. Mars’ vocals reach higher notes here, making for a lovely change of pace.

Intermission is a much slower song than the others, at least for the first half of the song. The samples and piano play by themselves alongside the vocals, with some recorded spoken word vocals appearing around halfway through. The samples sound like an organ at times, giving the music a mystical vibe, before the percussion kicks in, playing through the rest of the song.

Mars Valencia is an incredibly talented artist performing within the trap/hip-hop genres – anyone into that style of music should check out Forgive Me, as it is unrivalled by anything else at the moment, particularly in terms of atmosphere and ambience.

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