EP Review: Roe – That’s When The Panic Sets In (Part 1)

Roe is a pop singer and songwriter based in Londonderry with a quirky indie pop sound to her music. She released an EP at the start of last month, titled That’s When The Panic Sets In (Part 1) – I really enjoyed it and wanted to share it with the world, so make sure you check out the stream at the end if you like what you read!

By Jane Howkins

New Behaviours is the first track up, starting out with a gorgeous guitar melody and an upbeat rhythm that sounds rather optimistic at first listen. Roe’s vocals sound fantastic, truly soaring over this gorgeous song. The chorus is incredibly anthemic when it kicks in, featuring a surprising horn section that helps to elate the music even more.

I Dare You is catchy from the start, in part due to the opening guitar line. The percussion soon arrives, having an amazing beat that will make you want to tap your toes along in time. The chorus changes the rhythm up a little, with a triumphant vibe to it, also featuring another brass section alongside Roe’s soulful vocals.

A Temporary Thing takes the tempo down a notch, starting instead with a pretty piano melody. The piano suits Roe’s vocal style very well, having a lovely beauty to it. It’s great to hear Roe branching out more here, showing a singer-songwriter capable of creating numerous styles.

I Can Change brings the indie pop sound back after A Temporary Thing. It’s one of the catchiest songs on the EP, with a riff and beat that harks back to the days of classic rock, making for a nice mix of sounds. One of the things I loved about this song was the way in which Roe manages to combine a heavy garage rock sound with a pop sensibility.

Scared Of Being Lonely was perhaps my favourite song on the entire EP, with the main melody getting stuck in my head almost instantly, as several guitar lines layer over each other. The song sounds really epic, especially as the chorus hits. The production sounds great, having a huge sound to it.

One In A Million is another piano based track, rounding the EP out nicely. It’s more of a ballad, and whilst the percussion does kick in after a while, it’s got a very melancholic sound to it. The brass instruments appear occasionally, adding another dimension to proceedings. It sounds extremely haunting throughout.

Roe is an amazing singer-songwriter and one that is clearly doing something rather different to the normal indie-pop norm. That’s When The Panic Sets In (Part 1) will appeal to those into their rock, pop and indie music, so make sure you check it out below!

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