EP Review: BlimeyOhRiley – Where We Are Merely Imaginary

BlimeyOhRiley are an interesting band that combine together elements of rock, punk, ska and metal into their music, making for an overall sound that is both eclectic and thought-provoking. Their new EP, Where We Are Merely Imaginary, was released at the start of the month – you should check it out if you haven’t heard it already!

By Jane Howkins

Check Yourself kicks things off in style, with huge percussion and some aggressive riffs being the name of the game here. It’s got quite a punky vibe, with the vocals being spat over the music in style. The music gets faster and faster as the song progresses until the chorus, where the rhythm breaks down a little, with the vocals raising to some lofty heights over the buzzsaw guitars.

Kelly Kapowski takes thing up a notch with a progressive metal-esque guitar riff opening things up nicely. The track changes suddenly on the verses, with jazzy, clean guitar lines appearing, making the music sound very funky. The heavy elements emerge after a while leading into the metal style intro once again. This tracks shows BlimeyOhRiley to be a technically proficient band, capable of writing for many different genres.

Pink Elephants is perhaps the faster song here, with immense riffage and a fast beat starting the music off. The verses change things up again, bringing the jazzy vibe back, although the tempo never really lets up. The choruses sound huge, having an anthemic quality to them – this track would sound amazing performed live!

Stress opens with a steady bass melody, starting a little differently, before another kill riff arrives. The ska rhythm on the verses sounds magical, with multiple vocal lines soaring over the clean guitar and reggae style beat, before the track breaks free with an epic chorus.

Best Beat Forward has an amazing verse riff, making the music sound incredibly atmospheric, once again bringing the tension back up into the extremely heavy chorus. BlimeyOhRiley are a band that use dynamic changes in an amazing way, keeping the listener constantly guessing, with Best Beat Forward being a fantastic example of this.

BlimeyOhRiley are an amazing punk band, innovating well in a genre that sometimes punishes those trying something a little different. Where We Are Merely Imaginary is a masterpiece of all proportions, so don’t miss out on the stream below!

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