EP Review: Stay Illusion – Play Pretend

Stay Illusion are a hard rock band bringing rock music back to the forefront of musical popularity again – I hope so anyway, as their latest EP, Play Pretend, sounds amazing, and really deserves to elevate this amazing band to the mainstream!

By Jane Howkins

The EP opens up with Circles, which oozes energy from the very start. The intro melody is amazing, having a heavy feel to it before the slighter lighter verses appear. Little synth motifs play in the background, with what sounds like a string section also being present, adding more and more elements to the music. The chorus is a bit heavier, although the female vocals add a nice melodic touch.

Look At Me Now has more of a classic rock rhythm to it – the production sounds absolutely on point, with huge percussion mixing well with the guitar lines and the prominent bass. The vocals have a great flow to them, especially on the chorus, featuring a catchy vocal line that will get in your head straight away!

Waves brings things down a notch, being more of a ballad. The main instrumentation comes from a beautiful piano melody, continuing on through the track, although other elements are added as the song progresses. The vocals truly soar on the chorus, and you can really feel the emotion within them.

Fix You introduces some mainstream pop elements into the mix, in terms of the beat and backing effects, showing that Stay Illusion are a band with many strings to their bow. It’s great to hear a band showcasing so many different genres in their music, with the choruses having more of a dream-like quality to them.

Original opens with some interesting pre-programmed vocal effects, giving a haunting atmosphere to the piece. The song sounds very dramatic, with the tension being ramped up with the crafty use of the synth effects and the way the vocals are used, although the music still has a heavy backbeat to it.

Stay Illusion are a fantastic band appealing to fans of multiple genres on their EP Play Pretend. Whether you’re into pop, rock, metal or electronica, there will be something for you here!

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