Kate Rusby At Christmas Announced For York Barbican

After a successful year with a new album 30: Happy Returns, Kate Rusby rounds off the year in
celebratory style with a Christmas tour full of warmth, music and sparkles.

Hailed as ‘The Start of Christmas’ for many, a Kate Rusby Christmas Concert perpetuates
the tradition of Yorkshire carols, specifically carols sung in the crowded pubs of South
Yorkshire. Kate sat in the corner of those crowded pubs as a child, so the songs she brings
to these shows are in her bones. For over two hundred years, from late-November to New
Year’s Day, North Derbyshire and South Yorkshire communities would congregate on
Sunday lunchtimes, in their local public house, to belt out their own versions of familiar
carols, carols that were often frowned upon by the church in Victorian times as ‘too happy’.

Her happiness, humour and storytelling are a feature of Kate’s live shows. Each auditorium
becomes her local pub or front room and we are her welcomed and well-cared-for guests.
Joining her on stage for this unmissable evening of Christmas cheer will be, as ever, her
hugely talented and intuitive band of musicians including producer and husband Damien
as well as a top-flight brass quintet affectionately known as The Brass Boys.

The event will be held at York Barbican on December 18th 2022.