EP Review: Charlie Rauh – Angels Of Annunciation

Charlie Rauh is a guitarist from the USA who produces beautiful guitar based pieces with a haunting classical style to them. I managed to hear a few songs from his latest EP, Angels Of Annunciation, and found myself astounded with the beauty found within them. His music won’t be for everyone, but those that take a chance on it will find themselves captivated!

By Jane Howkins

(Posn) is an intro track, being the perfect introduction to Charlie’s sound. It’s short yet sweet, showing off his classic guitar stylings in lovely form. The Voices That Can Make Us Hear is the first proper track on this EP – it features Charlie’s acoustic guitar as the only instrumentation, but the minimalist on display makes it sound truly gorgeous – there’s something almost mystical about the whole thing, speaking to the divine within.

The Plum For Courage continues the themes from the previous song – one of the things I loved so much about this EP is the way in which each song seems to perfectly segue into the next, sounding almost like an instrumental concept album. His playing is technical, but he never overdoes it, which is all the more to Charlie’s credit.

(Nil Hrd) sounds even more beautiful, if such a thing can be imagined! Higher notes are used here, with a flowing guitar motif appearing ever so often, with little breaks in the music also being added occasionally, giving the music a thoughtful quality.

The title track, Angels Of Annunciation, is up next, and it’s one of my favourite songs on the entire EP, having an eerie quality, bringing back that sense of mysticism. As with the other songs on this EP, it’s instrumental in nature, but don’t let that put you off, as I truly believe that vocals would ruin the beauty of this music.

Now There Are No More Words features several overlapping guitar melodies, working well as they intertwine together. Charlie is clearly a very talented guitarist, with a technical proficiency that is unmatched by many other musicians in the modern era and a talent for producing ethereal instrumental pieces, which this song displays very well.

(Sorry pse rpt) rounds things out nicely, with this piece being the final track on the EP and a fantastic closing song. It’s extremely short, being more of an outro than anything else, leaving the listener patiently waiting for more.

Angels Of Annunciation is a fantastic release from a classical artist and I can’t wait to hear what Charlie Rauh comes up with next time around – stay tuned for more in the future!

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