EP Review: Wild Gravity – Initial Transmissions

Wild Gravity are a synth laden rock band with a heavy edge to their music, as displayed in their new EP release, Initial Transmissions. Despite the heaviness, the band have quite an experimental sound to their music, making it sound very different from anything else on the airwaves right now!

By Jane Howkins

First track Comatose is incredibly heavy at first, with crashing riffs and matching percussion sucking you into their hard rock world straight away! The verses are a little more melodic, featuring mellow melodies and soulful vocals, with the riffs appearing at random times to change the dynamics once again, keeping the listener constantly guessing!

Overcome has more of a classic rock and roll vibe, with some intense riffage that harks back to the days of classic rock and metal. The song really helps to show the technicalities of the band, especially with the killer guitar solos! This song is a little faster, sounding almost punky at times, adding a nice change to their sound. The choruses are anthemic, having a singalong quality to them.

Drift sounds intense from the start, with the guitar riffs and percussion building the tension up over the course of the song. It’s one of the softer songs on the EP and the synths in the background of the chorus give the music an eerie atmosphere, changing things up nicely. The vocals are extremely strong here, with the softer sound accentuating them greatly. The breakdown towards the end is really beautiful, sounding very ambient at times.

Melt starts out as an acoustic track, making a nice change from the heavier riffs on the rest of the album. The rest of the instrumentation is added later on, although it never sounds too metal, with the acoustic guitars still being the main highlight of the song, but that guitar solo towards the end is also killer.

Red Sky sounds like a grunge song at times, with the vocals having the sort of quality that suits that genre of music well. The song is very expansive, with the chorus sounding epic each time it appears. There’s another breakdown towards the end here, as the ambient music leads into a great guitar solo.

Satellites ends the EP nicely on this classic rock song. Little guitar lines flow in the background of the piece, adding a nice melodic touch to proceedings. The track is heavy but it also has a catchy sound to it – something that Wild Gravity are very good at balancing!

Initial Transmissions is a killer EP and one that will appeal to those into their heavy music, as well as the more experimental rock genres. Check out Wild Gravity’s EP below if that sounds good to you!

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