Discovery: Jasmine Ash

Jasmine Ash is a Los Angeles, USA-based alternative pop artist who has over 1,400 songs to her name. You may well have heard some of them in film and television. She’s just hit my radar through her stunning new track. It’s called We’ll Sing Again.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Brendan Walter

We’ll Sing Again has an understated sense of epic-ness about it. A slow-burning opening verse sets the scene nicely for an explosively uplifting chorus. Jasmine’s vocals are the star of the show, charmingly soft and charismatic, you can’t help but feel roused by them. We’ll Sing Again is the perfect track to get you going on a Monday morning.

Despite her prolificity, Jasmine had an unusual journey into the world of music. Raised by a deaf father, she learned sign language before English. Yet, it was a love of playing piano and song-writing that brought her to where she is today. I’m certainly glad to have found her. I hope you will be too. You can check out We’ll Sing Again below.

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