Deux Furieuses Announce Yorkshire Dates & Album

DEUX FURIEUSES are thrilled to announce their next studio album: Songs From Planet Earth, set for release on 11 November via Xtra Mile Recordings.

10 new songs of their defiant punk/rock, the duo lead the charge today with the essential featured track: Know The Score. 

A rampant cut of political rock’n’roll unafraid to take a stand, Know The Score sounds a rallying cry for action against the increase in violent behaviour towards women in recent times. 

According to Counting Dead Women (headed-up by Karen Ingala Smith, CEO of nia, a London-based domestic and sexual violence charity working to end violence against women and girls), since Janaury at least 53 UK women have been killed in cases where a man is the principal suspect. Seeking to address this disturbing statistic and the desperate need for change, Deux Furieuses say of their affirmatory new single:

“We wrote this song about the shadow pandemic of violence against women. The song is a pounding strut of confidence on a big stage. It is bravado on a deserted street as we reach for our personal alarm… This is a song in solidarity with women who all know the score.”

Coursing with cutting lyrical references to some of the most distressing cases of recent times, lyrics like “Another vigil on the streets of our cities tonight” holds a candle to the likes of Sarah Everard and Zara Aleena; whereas the biting couplet “abuse of power comes as no surprise, say the words on the T-shirt of a woman whose hands are tied” takes a fierce swipe at the government’s draconian attempts to limit our human rights to protest.

“The Government is ripping up the Human Rights Act to limit how we challenge injustice. Know the score – we are losing rights” the band add. 

A band on a mission and unafraid to make a bold statement, of the themes at the heart of the new album they say:

Songs From Planet Earth is a beating heart signal out from this world as we fall spinning into a vortex of pandemic, isolation, avoidable deaths, political corruption, personal mourning and ultimately survival. The album documents the journey from the city to the countryside like refugees in search of sanctuary.”

Recently completing a tour across the UK as part of Brix Smith’s current live band (with Ros and Vas playing guitar and drums respectively) in support of PiL; the duo are now preparing to take the songs of Songs From Planet Earth to the masses. Plotting a slew of shows as Deux Furieuses, the band will be supporting War On Women (throughout August), Skinny Lister (this November), plus will be making notable festival appearances at the likes of Kendal Calling and Loud Women Festival. They will perform at The Parish in Huddersfield on 17th August and 25th November, Corporation in Sheffield on 18th August & Polar Bear in Hull on August 19th 2022.