EP Review: Enid – Paracosmic Collision

Enid are an indie rock band based in Belgium, having just released their stunning new EP, Paracosmic Collision. It’s great to be able to hear a band from Belgium, as we don’t often hear much music from this part of the world – they’re definitely worth checking out if you ever take a trip to the nation!

By Jane Howkins

And I kicks things off nicely, opening with a steady beat and some lovely little spirally guitar melodies, giving the music an ambient quality. The female vocals work really well, with some gorgeous vocal harmonies appearing on the chorus. It’s a catchy track, and there’s a lot more going on here than first meets the ear, especially in terms of the guitar lines, so make sure you listen to the track a few times over!

Dream Within A Dream features a fast percussive beat, sounding quite proggy at times. A sustained guitar line runs into the verses at times, alongside the fingerpicked acoustic guitar melodies. The music on this song sounds a little more frantic, still managing to retain the dreamy quality of the previous track. It certainly makes for an interesting listen!

Love Is A Sickness is a little more of a standard indie song, with a steadier beat progressing the song along nicely. The guitars are once again used in a unique fashion, providing lots of texture to the music. The vocals are the mainstay of this song, with little vocal effects in the background helping to make it seem increasingly atmospheric.

Runaway Girl is a slightly softer tune, bringing the acoustic guitars back to the forefront of the music. The main chord sequence used on this track sounds fantastic and helps to make it sound even more beautiful, with wonderful little guitar motifs playing in the background of the chorus, spiralling away. The vocals sound very distinctive here, used in an eccentric manner.

Part Again starts off with a simple yet beautiful electric guitar line, making the music sound haunting from the off. The vocals are placed a little more in the background here, although they’re still very prominent, providing some lovely harmonies on the more major sounding chorus. This was my favourite song on the EP, due to the verse guitar melodies.

To Little Or Not Purpose is a little more stripped-down, with some almost tribal sounding percussion working alongside the acoustic guitar strumming in a rhythmic way. It sounds very different from anything else I’ve heard recently, adding a folky vibe to things. The vocals soar alongside the electric guitar lines on the chorus, bringing that beautiful and ethereal atmosphere back to the forefront of Enid’s music.

Enid are doing something a bit different from the norm, as the tracks on Paracosmic Collision show. However, there’s enough here that those into their indie, rock and folk music should find something to love on this EP.

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