EP Review: Amie Jay – Cancer Sun

Amie Jay is a London-based alternative pop artist who has just released her new EP Cancer Sun. A reference to her zodiac sign, the collection of four tracks draws on the stereotypes that come with it, complete with self-reflection and a touch of irony. Here’s my track by track review.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Jo Dolan

Cancer Sun begins with the slow, rumbling start of EP opener Unashamed. It quickly explodes into a breezy yet challenging pop arrangement. The bass is kept lively onto which rock guitar is layered. The star of the show are Amie’s vocals though. Expressive and charismatic, the betrayed feelings they convey hit hard. It’s a strong start.

Amie has been writing songs since the tender age of five and it’s clear from the evidence of Cancer Sun that she was born a songwriter. Track two is the title track. With elements of folk, the lyrics are the focus, brimming with the raw authentic experience of trying to find herself in her twenties, and brought to life with clever imagery. It’s certainly a highlight.

Track three is Sweet Nostalgia which brings a retro, disco vibe. It’s a track about looking back, but not necessarily with a smile on your face, rather as an escape from the present and future. As such, there’s an undertow of sadness about it, particularly during an understated chorus.

Closing the EP out is Start Again. It brings back the folk leanings of Cancer Sun, delivered in a slow, wistful way. It’s Amie at her most vulnerable and authentic. We get a true insight into her mind, and the ups and down of her life. There is great power in the vulnerability and you can’t help but fall in love a little bit. It’s a perfect way to make sure Cancer Sun stays with you long after its last note is played.

Cancer Sun is a beautiful introduction to Amie’s musical world. It’s clear she has a real passion for her craft and isn’t afraid to pour herself into each track. She’s definitely one to keep an eye on. You can listen to the whole EP below.