EP Review: Sabrina Trueheart – Holding Onto Something Good

Sabrina Trueheart is an artist based out of Albany, New York, who combines a number of different genres into her stunning music, including folk, pop, Americana & country, with her EP Holding Onto Something Good being the culmination of all her efforts. There’s a good variety of sounds contained within the album, appealing to a wide audience.

By Jane Howkins

There are four songs on the EP, with title track Holding Onto Something Good being the first one up. It opens with a gorgeous acoustic guitar melody, before Sabrina’s stunning vocals arrive, which harmonise well with the backing vocals. The percussion helps to give the track an upbeat vibe, with the music also having a positive quality, which works well with the title of the song, which is repeated as a refrain on the chorus.

Honey Bee is more of a down-tempo song, having a stripped down quality to it, due to the lack of percussion here. It’s just Sabrina and her acoustic guitar, with a lovely fingerpicked melody caressing the strings in style. This really allows Sabrina’s vocals to shine through, with the delicate backing vocals once again appearing in a quiet manner. The whistling suits the tune well too.

Skinny Dipping displays Sabrina’s guitar skills off even more, showing a technical proficiency that isn’t always present in the folk world. It sounds beautiful throughout, to the point where it sounds like there are multiple guitars being played at once, showing just how great Sabrina’s talents are, inviting you into her evocative and ethereal world.

Two Of Us closes the EP nicely, again containing some beautiful guitar lines that meld well with Sabrina’s soft vocal style. You can really feel the emotion in her voice, sounding very emotive throughout. The minimalist nature of the music works well in its favour, ending abruptly and leaving you wanting for more.

Holding Onto Something Good shows that Sabrina Trueheart is a truly stunning talent, and one with a good grasp of the folk genre. If you’re into folk/Americana music of any type, then give her EP a go!

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