Interview: Less Than Jake

Ska punk band Less Than Jake all stalwarts of the genre by now, and they have recently released a new tune, titled Fat Mike’s On Drugs (Again). I jumped at the chance to interview them and find out what they’d been up to recently – read on below to see how I got on!

By Jane Howkins

You’ve just released a new single, titled Fat Mike’s On Drugs (Again). What can you tell us about the song?

It’s a song for the world about our friend. it’s meant to be tongue in cheek and we are fairly certain Fat Mike sorta likes it. Kinda.

The video is hilarious, performed in an animated style. Why did you decide to go down this route for the video?

Laziness mostly. We didn’t want to be in it too much, mostly because the song isn’t about us. We didn’t have a budget to hire Charlie Sheehan, Keith Richards & Ozzy, so this worked better.

The band will also be releasing the single on a 7″ Flexi format, limited to 1000 copies. Why did you decide to release it this way and is this something you’ll be doing more of in the future?

In a digital world, physical formats become harder to justify creating. A Flexi for this seem fitting and I wouldn’t say we’d be doing this a lot in the future. But who really knows?

Do you have any more singles planned for release soon?


Have you started writing for a new album yet?


Less Than Jake have been going for a long time. How do you keep it fresh? What is the secret to your continued success?

Weed and whiskey and a lot of it. Seriously, it’s challenging each other and having a collective drive to always try to be better.

What are your thoughts on the way the music industry has changed over the years?

The industry sucks. So we just do our best to be Less Than Jake and not worry about how we fit into it.

Did the pandemic hinder you much?

As much as it did every other human on the face of the planet. Yes.

You’re touring across the USA soon. Are there any plans to come back to the UK?

Not this year. We were just there in March, maybe next year. Stay tuned!

Any last words for the fans?

Thank you. We owe everything we are to you and we can’t wait to see you again.