EP Review: Lyla Dipaul – Sleepless Nights

Lyla Dipaul is an American musician based out of New Orleans, who has already had quite a musical background, having studied music at Loyola University. Sleepless Nights is her debut EP, but it already shows a great deal of promise, showing just how talented Lyla truly is!

By Jane Howkins

If I Feel Again is a folky song, as are most of the tracks on this EP, starting out with a gorgeous fingerpicked acoustic guitar melody. Lyla’s vocals soon appear, sounding startling in their beauty. She has a fantastic vocal range and her voice is extremely heartfelt throughout, working perfectly with the guitar lines. Some percussion is added later on, as well as a selection of bluesy guitar licks and little piano motifs in the background, giving more of a texture to the music.

Is This A Dream? opens with a xylophone, before the an arpeggio style electric guitar melody appears, as well as a piano. The song sounds really bluesy, yet it’s also rather beautiful, especially with the way Lyla uses her vocals. The backing vocals harmonise perfectly with the lead vocals before the chorus arrives, which is also extremely beautiful.

Title track Sleepless Nights arrives next, this time starting with a haunting piano melody, showing yet another instrument that Lyla is the master of. The tune has a melancholic vibe, which is only furthered by the lyrical content of the vocals, which reach some lofty heights at times. More instrumentation is added as the song progresses, although it’s the vocals and piano that really make this track, but that cello melody at the end is still gorgeous.

Heart In A Box has a slightly faster rhythm than the other songs, with the chords used sounding perfect – Lyla has chosen a really good chord progression here, with little bluesy guitar motifs tailing off every so often, although the piano chords make up the main backbone of the song, alongside the percussion. What sounds like an organ appears every so often, giving the music a 70s rock feel. This was my favourite song on the entire EP.

Sleepless Nights is a fantastic EP and it’s one of the best things I’ve heard this year so far. Lyla DiPaul is deeply talented and she deserves to be heard!

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