EP Review: Trevena – Digital Dust

Digital Dust is a short 3 song EP from rock band Trevena, but don’t let the length of the EP put you off, as their music is so good that it leaves you longing for more! Their music is definitely within the rock vein, containing elements of classic rock and roll, country rock, Southern rock & Americana, making for a fantastic overall sound.

By Jane Howkins

The first song up is Blind Leading The Blind, which opens immediately with a 70s rock style guitar riff and the soulful lead vocals. The vocals are perfectly in tune throughout, having a slightly raw quality that suits the genre well, although they’re still very melodic. The lyrics are really interesting and sound very clear when sung over the catchy guitar notes, with the music having a great upbeat feel that makes you want to dance along straight away!

Roll The Bones starts out with some backing effects, before a fingerpicked electric guitar melody appears, with the riffs and percussion coming in shortly afterwards. The vocal harmonies sound amazingly melodic – whilst the lead vocals are definitely the stand outs here, the backing vocals collide with them in an anthemic manner. The riffs sound huge, with this song having a wonderful sense of rock and roll attitude to it.

Looks Like Rain changes things up significantly by introducing a plucked acoustic guitar melody, although it’s not an entirely acoustic song. The beat is quite fast, which is unusual for a song based around an acoustic guitar, but it works really well. There’s a lot of emotion in this song, seeing the vocals glide over the chorus in a beautiful fashion.

Trevena are a fantastic band and one I will be keeping my eye on – the three songs that make up Digital Dust are sure to make them some new fans, especially with the high quality of the songwriting and production values.

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