EP Review: Moonetta – Iwouldvetoldyouthen

The interestingly titled EP Iwouldvetoldyouthen was released by Moonetta at the beginning of this month and I couldn’t help but share it, due to how good it is! Moonetta is only 17, but already she has built up a good following, and seems to be on the path to folk stardom!

By Jane Howkins

zoe’s song is a rather folky affair, having a stripped-down quality to it. The main instrumentation comes from a strummed acoustic guitar melody, which is accompanied by Moonetta’s quiet vocals. It’s quite a slow tune, but this only helps to make it sound more beautiful – the backing vocals are particularly captivating.

who’s to blame opens with a trickling piano melody, with this song using the piano over the guitar, adding another element to the music. Again, it’s quite a slow track, featuring a selection of piano chords playing over and over again, alongside Moonetta’s vocals. You can really feel the emotion in her voice, and the haunting backing vocals appear once again to harmonise with the lead vocals.

things you do is more of an indie pop song, although it doesn’t sound mainstream at all. A programmed drum beat provides the first strain of percussion on the EP so far, with some 80s style synth effects playing in the background. The focus is truly on Moonetta’s beautiful voice here, as the music only enhances it further.

signs is another upbeat track, although this time it features a clean guitar melody instead of the synths. It’s fairly mid-tempo and the percussion helps to keep things steady. The xylophone is a nice touch, with similar motifs being added over the course of the track. The production sounds a little raw, but given time this is something that should change.

forget takes things back down to the original folky style the EP has at the start. A little fingerpicked acoustic guitar motif runs throughout the piece, as another guitar melody is strummed. The backing vocals are used in perfect harmony with the lead vocals, sounding almost like a gospel choir at times!

anymore is the final song on the EP, showing the full range of Moonetta’s vocals as they soar in a heartfelt and emotive manner. They sound really beautiful, with the simple acoustic guitar melody underpinning the vocals as a backbone to the track, although the focus is really on the vocals at this point.

Iwouldvetoldyouthen is a fantastic debut release from such a young musician, showing a great deal of promise for Moonetta’s future. With a little more time songwriting and in the studio, I have no doubt that she’ll manage to break out into the indie folk scene in the near future!

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