Man The Lifeboats Announce West Witton Show & New Single

Salty seafarers – MAN THE LIFEBOATS – are delighted to launch their brand new album: Soul of Albion – confirmed for release on 14th October 2022 via Wood Head Records.

Charting a new course with a breeze as stiff as they like their drinks, the quintet lead the way with the rip-roaring new single: Born Drunk, which you can listen to now:


A folk/punk firecracker broiling with fiddles, accordions and acoustic guitars played with gusto, it’s a rambunctious drinking song guaranteed to loosen your lips and get your pistons pumping.

Inspired by an unusual tattoo and a Martin Carthy song (amongst a menagerie of other things), Born Drunk takes the listener on a voyage through all that makes life’s rich tapestry so rich… and random. Led by frontman Rich Quarterman, it’s a breathless monologue that touches on politics and people, history and healthcare, religion and, well, getting royally rat-arsed. And in what’s got to be a lyrical first, there’s even time to rhyme “Palestine” with acting legend “Paddy Considine” too.

But what does it all mean? Rich Quarterman explains:

“Man The Lifeboats played a festival with the great Mr Carthy and he introduced one of his songs by saying: ‘this is a load of nonsense, it doesn’t mean anything’, which I’ve always thought was a fine approach to songwriting. The title came from a tattoo on an undisclosed person, and the rest of the lyrics are absolute nonsense. Or are they? Maybe there are some kernels of meaning in there somewhere. Paddy Considine features as his name rhymes with Palestine and Northern Line, but also because he’s an absolute hero and a brilliant actor. We tried to get him in the video but he was too busy with some TV show called Game of Thrones…”

Catch the band this Autumn at West Witton Village Hall on November 19th 2022.