Video: Bruit Fureur – Nous si jeunes d’absolu

Bruit Fureur are an experimental collective based in Toulouse, France who have caught my attention through their poetic new piece of art Nous si jeunes d’absolu.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Chris Rod Photo

Nous si jeunes d’absolu starts in a dizzying fashion, with overlapping voices and a growing sense of pressure. It explodes into a urgent bass line and spoken word verse. There’s an undercurrent of blues rock and when the drums come in, the track hits its full, confident stride. You won’t hear much like this, and it revels in its uniqueness.

Bruit Fureur describe themselves as telling stories of ‘sound and fury’ and take pride in giving a voice to nature, women and castaways. They simply have to be heard to appreciated. You can check out the video for the extended version of Nous si jeunes d’absolu below.

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