Album Review: Jessie Deluxe – Magic

Jessie Deluxe is a Los Angeles, USA-based punk rock artist who has just released her latest album. Featuring seven tracks of fiery punk and metal, it’s called Magic. Here’s my track by track rundown.

By Graeme Smith

Jessie is an artist who takes her cues from cult legends such as Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Annie Lennox and Green Jello. With a diverse range of influences like that, it’s not surprising that Magic has a unique feel to it. It opens with Apocalypse, a delicious piece of satire that combine post punk and metal elements to create something that isn’t quite either. Whatever it is, it’s a huge amount of fun to listen to and sets the tone for what is to come nicely.

The title track comes next. There’s a hint of the Queens of Stone Age about it, which isn’t surprising as Jessie partially recorded the album at the band’s Rancho De La Luna recording studio with the help of Dave Catching. What’s unmistakably Jessie though it is the track’s sense of absurdity. It’s a great example of the cutting social commentary that runs through this album.

I Know It’s You is a cantering piece of punk that shows Jessie’s softer side. It’s a visceral, intimate love song where her vocals are particularly expressive. Eden (Will We Ever Touch The Ground) turns its attention back onto the world with heavy metal riffs and a sense of cynical frustration. It’s an epic, operatic mid-point for the album. It moves smoothly into the bombastic, bass-led intro for It’s Gonna Get Better. Suitably uplifting, the guitar riffs are soaring and the chorus will have you punching the air.

The penultimate track is Head on the Radio. It’s got a driving tempo and a scuzzy riff that grabs you from the off. Jessie flexes her vocal range in a wonderful contrast the to the low-down instrumentals. A funky breakdown part way through provides some wonderful texture. The album is then rounded off by Empress. The album’s purest moment of metal, it’s equal parts angel and devil. It takes its time reaching its world-destroying climax, and leaves you wanting more.

And Jessie promises to deliver more in the autumn so watch this space. No doubt we’ll be devouring it hungrily. For now, you can check out Magic below.