EP Review: Prince of Sweden – Kicking Out Time

London-based singer songwriter Prince of Sweden has been featuring on this blog since the summer of 2021, when he first hit my radar through his poetic single As Good A Place As Any. The track featured on his debut EP Live from a dark room and he’s just released his second collection. It’s called Kicking out Time.

By Graeme Smith

The new EP represents an expanded sound for Prince of Sweden. Grounded in indie rock, it feels like the product of a band rather than a solo act. The View from the Top Rope starts things off. There’s a nostalgic feel about it, harkening to the early days of rock and roll while telling a poetic, cinematic story.

A Little Candlelight is soulful and darkly intimate. The vocals take on a Morrissey-esque quality and the lyricism feels similar to The Smiths’ frontman’s hey-day. It’s a highlight. For Kathleen is a vibrant urgent piece of folk rock. It’s an anthem that demands being sung along to but it’s by no means superficial. It’s lyrical story paints a vivid picture in among the guitar solos.

The EP then closes with its title track, Kicking out Time. It’s just under a minute long and leaves things on a dreamy, retro note. There are no words, but it tells a story as strongly as the EP’s other three tracks.

Prince of Sweden’s lyrics and song-writing are second to none in terms of the UK scene right now. It’s not an overstatement to say he could go down in history as one of the great songwriters if he continues to put out the thoughtful, well-crafted music he currently is. Kicking out Time represents a progression of his sound and I can tell there’s plenty more to come from him. Watch this space.

You can listen to the whole the Kicking out Time EP below.