EP Review: The Thing With Feathers – Waste My Revenge

I’ve always been a fan of the rock and roll genre, but it can become a little stale at times, so it’s always good to hear a band doing something fresh and inventive. One such act is Nashville-based band The Thing With Feathers. Their new EP, Waste My Revenge, really caught my attention, full of anthemic singalongs and groovy guitar melodies. The band mixes together a poppy sensibility with a modern rock sound, making for something that sounds really tight.

By Jane Howkins

Don’t Break My Heart is irresistibly catchy from the get go, opening with an amazing repeated guitar riff that runs throughout the majority of the tune. The vocals are full of soul and clarity, working immensely with the clean production style, yet the track still has something of an edge to it. The chorus will make you want to sing along to the anthemic lyrics instantly!

Everything I’m Missing is a little slower, making for a nice change of pace. Differing guitar lines play over each other on this quieter tune, allowing the vocals to truly soar. However, whilst the verses are mellower, the chorus charges the energy up again, adding a singalong quality to this track. It’s really well written, showing how fantastic The Thing With Feathers’ songwriting skills are.

Golden is more of an all out rock and roll song, having a steady pace that reminded me of the rock music that became so popular in the 70s. The guitar melodies really sparkle here, sounding absolutely perfect. It’s got a really nice vibe to it, drawing you in straight away. Things heat up a little on the bridge, showing a heavier side to the band.

These Drugs is perhaps the poppiest tune on the record, suiting those into their more melodic music. Whilst the guitars are still present, they take a bit of a backseat the synths – especially on the chorus. It’s great to hear a band using so many different genres and styles within their music like this!

Title track, Waste My Revenge, is one of the real focal points of this EP, opening with a similar repeated guitar riff like the one that kicks the record off. There’s a proper sense of nostalgia in the emotion-soaked vocals, ensuring you feel everything the vocalist is feeling. It’s another high energy tune – the chorus is simply epic.

Can You See Me is the final song on Waste My Revenge, tailing the EP out nicely. It’s actually rather different from the other tracks here, adding an almost folky vibe with the way the clean guitars are used on the verses. The distortion is introduced on the chorus, marking the heaviest point on this record.

The Thing With Feathers is one of the best modern rock bands out there at the moment, as the tracks on Waste My Revenge show. They’re an extremely talented band, and one that is surely set to strike the world on fire with their own brand of rock and roll!

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