EP Review: DataBass – Make Our Art Strawberry Pixels Remix

I first discovered American artist DataBass in November last year when I found her beautiful self-written, produced and performed track Make Our Art. I was really struck with her unique sound, so was over the moon to see she had released three new remixes of the track in collaboration with Strawberry Pixels.

By Graeme Smith

DataBass and Strawberry Pixels connected through TikTok when the latter stumbled across Make Our Art in their feed. The spark was instant and the pair began collaborating from the first DM.

Make Our Art uses art as a metaphor for love, so there’s a sense of warm romanticism that runs through the original version and all three of these remixes. Yet, each new version gives us a different perspective on the topic.

The first remix taps into the charm and dreaminess of the original, weaving in percussive electronic layers that give the track new life without spoiling the essence of the original. The bass in particular hits nicely and the explosion of sound after an extended intro is a beautiful moment.

The slowed & reverbed remix locks into a growing trend among indie artists and gives the track a contemplative, almost spiritual vibe. The romance of the lyrics take on a slightly melancholic feel, tinging the track’s story with a hint of sadness.

Finally, we have a sped up remix that gives a wonderful sense of contrast and turns the ambient original into a lively pop track. The percussion is minimal but driving while the rumbling bass pairs nicely with the delicate vocals.

Social media can be a wonderful thing sometimes, especially when it allows artists who wouldn’t usually find each other to connect. Together DataBass and Strawberry Fields have created an elevated sound with these remixes.

Make Our Art was written, produced and performed by DataBass. The remixes have been created by Strawberry Pixels. You can check out the remix EP below.