Album Review: Suburban Bicycle Gang – In The Cosmos

Suburban Bicycle Gang are an indie rock band based in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. They’ve just hit our radar thanks to their second album release which combines comedy with delicious rock sensibilities. It’s called In The Cosmos.

By Graeme Smith

In The Cosmos is ten tracks that don’t take themselves too seriously yet are the real deal. It all begins with the album’s title track which opens with a jangly, throwback psychedelic guitar riff. We quickly enter a cosmic groove that will have you swaying in zero G before passionate and charismatic vocals come in. Fans of classic rock acts like The Doors and Led Zeppelin will certain appreciate it.

Lake Scugog takes things in a more acoustic direction with a bright and lively arrangement. Bobo The Hobo, by contrast, is lowdown and bluesy, complete with the atmospheric sound of a train crossing barely audible in the background. Five Flings is rich with bittersweet, tongue-in-cheek romanticism. Easy Money and Candle Light sit at the heart of the album giving us rumbling blues rock and jazzy experimentation respectively.

Sammie Greene is juddering, paranoid psychedelic rock while No Dibs Day bounces along happily. Love Is A Fucking Joke is an emotionally low and brooding moment before Glory Hole Of Death closes the album with a punchy groove and surreal, innuendo-laden storytelling.

Suburban Bicycle Gang are proving that you can inject humour into music without turning it into a novelty. Some of the lyrical stories of In The Cosmos touch on the bizarre, but what you take away from this album is accomplished indie rock with classic influences. Oh, and of course, fun!

In The Cosmos is out now via Voidland Records. You can give it a listen below.