Discovery: Georgia G

Georgia G is a Dublin, Ireland-based pop singer songwriter who has just come to my attention thanks to her new track that explores the hold of an unhealthy relationship with reference to a ’90s cartoon character. It’s called Johnny Bravo.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Ray Keogh

The track opens with a sense of whimsy and light-heartedness until Georgia’s soulful vocals and storytelling lyrics come in, providing an emotional depth to the piece. Georgia takes inspiration from the likes of Roisin Murphy, Sheryl Crow and Sister Sledge and lovers of those acts will find a lot to appreciate in this timeless track.

Johnny Bravo features Jake Curran and Jamie Burke on guitar, Derek ‘doc’ O’Connor on saxophone, Paul Flood on bass and Ben Cooper on drums. It’s produced by Stuart Gray and mastered by Billy Farrell. You can give it a listen below.

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