Album Review: Sir Bobby Jukebox – In the Organ Loft at Midnight

Dublin, Ireland-based Sir Bobby Jukebox, real name Bobby Aherne, is an Avant-pop artist who has just hit my radar thanks to his innovative new album that explores the themes of nostalgia, self-discovery and otherness. It’s called In The Organ Loft at Midnight.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by Lucy Jorgensen

In a world first, Bobby has released his album on a set of bubblegum cards. The cards feature characters that he drew as a child, a nod both to the idea of escapism, imagination and self-connection that he explores in the music. We get a taste of this straight away with album opener S.B.J.I.T.O.L.A.M. Bobby describes the track as the album’s “theme tune” and it introduces what’s to come with funky aplomb.

Including the album opener, Bobby has released six singles from the album. Tropical Bird Lingo launches straight into a throwback groove and characterful vocals. There’s a sense of a nursery rhyme for adults about it. You Lit A Candle Wrong… is richly quirky, combining pop elements with experimentation in the most wonderful way. Totally Outta Sync is bombastic and surreal, with a heady mix of organ and playful percussion. Nudity is a cheeky number with ’80s pop influences while Hire-A-Heart surges with emotive keys and a disco beat.

Sir Bobby Jukebox’s second album is simply a joy to listen to. There’s enough distinction about his sound and lyrical storytelling that sets him apart from the crowd, while all his track’s retain a sense of groove-ability. It’s really difficult to inject something new into the pop genre. Few have done it. But Bobby has with apparent ease with this album. It’s definitely a candidate for album of the year for me.

In The Organ Loft at Midnight is out now via Popical Island. It was produced by Sir Bobby Jukebox, mixed by Brendan Jenkinson and mastered by Aidan Foley. You can give it a listen below.